We are live on tape from the internet and your announcers are Josh ‘Can Les Thatcher be my pro’ Mathews and Todd ‘Can Jim Ross be my pro’ Grisham. Your host is Matt ‘Can Wink Martindale be my pro’ Striker.

The rookies are in the ring with Matt Striker. Matt reminds everyone what the winner of this season of NXT means. There will be two challenges tonight for immunity points. The second challenge will be a Fatal Four Way Match where the rookie can change his pro if he wins.

Our first challenge will start in a moment after Derrick Bateman is dealt with because of a rules violation. We see footage of Ninja Bateman telling Daniel Bryan that he is going to pull off the biggest theft in NXT history. We see him give Daniel Bryan the answers for the challenge. Daniel wonders if this is cheating and Bateman says that it is NXT so are there really any rules. Bateman sneaks out ninja style.

Matt tells Derrick that he will be penalized. Daniel says that Bateman doesn’t wear face paint, it must have been the Ultimate Warrior.

It is time for ‘Out Think the Fink’ with ‘difficult’ trivia questions. Everyone except Derrick gets thirty seconds while Derrick only gets twenty seconds. The winner gets two points.

If it is Out Think the Fink, we need The Fink and he comes to the ring.

Striker talks about how much WWE stuff Fink knows. If you can outscore The Fink, you get two extra points.

The Fink goes first and he gives the cheap pop. Fink only gets two correct answers.

The first rookie to challenge the Fink is Johnny Curtis. Curtis only gets one question right.

Derrick Bateman is next and he only gets one question right.

Daniel Bryan tells Striker that he is too slow with the questions.

Byron Saxton goes next and he only gets one point as well.

Brodus Clay goes last and he gets one point as well.

Nobody gets any immunity points in this contest.

Todd and Josh talk about the Fatal Four Way with the rookies and their ability to change their pro. We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the fact that Daniel Bryan is now with Gail Kim instead of the Bellas.

Match Number OneEdit

Ted DiBiase with Brodus Clay and Maryse versus Daniel Bryan with Derrick Bateman

They lock up and Bryan with a waist lock but DiBiase with a reversal. Bryan with a hammer lock and then he gets a near fall before returning to the hammer lock. DiBiase with an elbow and arm drag into an arm bar. Bryan with a wrist lock. Ted with a punch to Bryan and a side head lock while Josh gets an autograph from Maryse. Ted with a shoulder tackle but Bryan with a drop toe hold and arm bar. Bryan works on the wrist and returns to the hammer lock. Bryan with a bow and arrow on Ted and then he gets a near fall.

Bryan and Ted with a Greco Roman Knuckle lock but Ted with a kick and he puts Bryan on the mat but Bryan kicks out and bridges. Ted tries to use his weight but Bryan continues to bridge. Bryan gets his feet up and monkey flips Ted. Bryan with a hammer lock and he tries for the LeBell Lock but Ted gets to the apron and then goes to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Ted kicks and punches Bryan in the corner. Bryan returns the favor with kicks and Brodus and Maryse cannot watch. Bryan with an Irish whip but he misses the drop kick into the corner but Bryan lands on his side instead of his head this time. Ted punches Bryan and kicks him. Ted with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Ted with a chin lock. Bryan with forearms while Dolph tells the fans not to cheer for Bryan. Ted with a neck breaker and drop kick to the back of the head and he gets a near fall. Ted with another neck breaker and another near fall.

R Truth tries to get the crowd behind Bryan while Dolph is not too supportive.

Bryan is sent to the floor and Bateman protects Bryan from Brodus. Ted with a double sledge from the apron and then he sends Bryan into the ringside barrier. Ted sends Bryan into the apron and then into the announce table. Ted returns to the ring and the referee starts his count on Bryan.

Daniel gets back into the ring and Ted with kicks to Bryan in the corner. Bryan with a punch and European uppercuts. Ted stops Bryan and he drops another knee to the head and gets a near fall. Ted with a snap mare and a boot to the head and gets a near fall. Ted with a reverse chin lock on Bryan. Bryan with elbows and more European uppercuts. Ted with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and hits a running forearm to the head and both men are down. Ted with a kick to Bryan but Bryan with a kick to the chest and then Bryan goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Bryan with kicks to the chest but Ted ducks down and gets a near fall. Ted with an inside cradle for a near fall. Ted sets for Dream Street but Bryan counters. Ted with a sit out spinebuster for a near fall. Ted with a kick to the midsection and punches. The referee warns Ted and Bryan with an elbow and a kick to the head. Ted tries for a spinebuster but Bryan with a Dragon Sleeper into the LeBell Lock and Ted gets to the ropes. Bryan with a kick across the chest and then he hits a drop kick to Ted in the ropes and Ted goes to the floor.

Bryan tries for a suicide dive but Ted with a forearm to Bryan. Ted with Dream Street and he gets the three count.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

After the match, Maryse is in shock that Ted won the match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Royal Rumble by the Numbers video package.

Todd and Josh wonder who will win the Royal Rumble.

Ted and Maryse are in the back and Maryse is happy that Ted did won a match. Ted tells Brodus that the other rookies will want to choose him if they win because he just beat Daniel Bryan. Ted says that Brodus might have flaws, but Brodus is his best chance to win the Tag Titles. Brodus vows to win for his boss. Brodus walks away and Maryse talks in French. Ted reminds Maryse that he doesn’t understand French.

We go to commercial.

Match Number TwoEdit

Rookie Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Brodus Clay versus Derrick Bateman versus Johnny Curtis versus Byron Saxton

All four men start off in the ring and they all go after Clay, but then they go after Bateman. Saxton with shoulders to Bateman while Curtis with a European uppercut. They send Bateman to Clay and Clay with an overhead suplex. Clay eliminates Derrick Bateman.

Saxton and Curtis exchange looks and go after Clay. Clay grabs both men by the throat but they kick Clay and hit a double suplex on Clay. Clay rolls to the floor and Curtis with a rollup on Saxton for a near fall. Saxton with a clothesline to Curtis and then he kicks Clay on the floor. Curtis charges at Saxton and Byron sends Curtis over the top rope onto Clay. We go to commercial while Saxton is praised by his pro.

We are back and Clay with a body block on Saxton. Curtis is on the floor while Clay hits a suplex on Saxton. Dolph tells his rookie to get out of there. Clay gets a near fall. Curtis with a stunner on the top rope to Clay. Saxton with a facebuster on Clay and then he crotches Curtis before getting a near fall on Clay. Curtis with head butts to Saxton on the turnbuckles and Saxton goes to the mat. Curtis hits a double leg drop and he pins Byron Saxton.

Curtis covers Clay and gets another near fall. Curtis with European uppercuts to Clay. Clay works over Curtis and hits a running butt splash while Ziggler tells Saxton to do squats in the back until he gets back there.

Clay with a nerve hold on Curtis while we get some more commentary from the pros. Clay with a knee and then he connects with shots to the collarbone. Clay chokes Curtis in the corner. Curtis punches Clay and sends him into the turnbuckles. Curtis with shoulders in the corner. Clay with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Clay catches Curtis and hits an STO while he has Curtis in the Tongan Death Grip.

Winner: Brodus Clay

After the match, Ted DiBiase and Maryse come to ringside to celebrate with Brodus. Matt joins Brodus in the ring and he wants to know if Brodus is going to change pros. Brodus says that his pro has the money, the power, class, and will probably destroy everyone in the Royal Rumble. What he isn’t is Ted DiBiase. He says that Ted cannot control his girl and he is the brokest rich person he knows. His new pro is Alberto Del Rio.

Brodus wants Ted to listen to him closely. Brodus with the Tongan Death Grip and STO to DiBiase. Brodus walks up to Maryse and then leaves the ring.

We go to credits.