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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with highlights from last week's show where Jerry Lawler received a WWE Title shot against The Miz but was cost the match by Michael Cole. And we're live in the arena. CM Punk and Jerry Lawler are the only ones on commentary. Punk puts over Lawler's performance last week. Michael Cole comes walking out to the stage and asks for everyone's attention.

Cole says the people don't understand how traumatic last week was for him. Cole says he has received a lot of hate mail. Cole says he won't apologize for how he feels about The Miz. Cole puts over Miz and him being WWE Champion. Cole says it was like his own son won when Miz won the belt. Cole enters the ring now and there's lots of heat from the crowd. Cole says he got caught up in the emotion of the moment when he cost Lawler the match last night. Cole tells Lawler he deeply regrets his actions last week.

Lawler says he's coming to the ring to finish what he started last week. Cole tells him to wait but the crowd wants it to happen now. Cole wants to talk about things like adults, he says. Cole says Lawler is just as much to blame as he is for what happened last week. Cole says Lawler made the news last week and that's not what they do as broadcast journalists. Cole says Lawler had to steal the spotlight last week. Cole says he doesn't owe Lawler an apology but Lawler owes him one. Lawler heads for the ring when the e-mail alert goes off.

Since Cole is in the ring, CM Punk steps up to the podium and reads the announcement from the General Manager. The crowd is loving Punk doing this. The GM has ordered a cease and desist order on any physical contact between Cole and Lawler. If they violate this, they will be terminated. Lawler is ordered to get in the ring and shake hands with Cole. They shake hands and the crowd doesn't like it. Lawler holds on to the shake as Cole tries to walk away. Lawler says someone in the back has something to say to Cole and out comes Randy Orton to a huge pop.

Orton comes out to the ring and says he wants Cole to give a message to his favorite Superstar. Orton doesn't blame The Miz for cashing in Money in the Bank, he would have done the same thing. Orton says unlike The Miz, he can back up what he says in the ring. Orton says injured knee or not, he's going to take back the WWE Title... tonight. The music hits and out comes WWE Champion The Miz, with Alex Riley. Miz rips on Orton and says the GM has informed him he doesn't have to defend his belt again until TLC in 2 weeks, against Orton. Miz says it doesn't matter because Orton will lose again. Orton puts down Miz and Riley. Riley takes the mic and says he has five minutes to kill, challenging Orton to a match. Orton says he doesn't know what Riley just said but he's on. Miz says he gets to pick what kind of match they will have at TLC. Miz says his decision will be just like him... awesome. Orton says some may think he's injured but he can still do one thing well.... Orton lays Michael Cole out with an RKO. Orton poses as an official checks on Cole. We go to commercial.

Ted DiBiase and Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Back from the break and out comes Ted DiBiase and Maryse. We see Nikki Bella walking up to Daniel Bryan's lockerroom. Out walks Bryan with Brie Bella on his arm. She's going to be his partner tonight. The WWE US Champion and Brie Bella head to the ring with Brie on his arm.

Josh Matthews has joined Lawler and Punk on commentary. Before the match starts, Nikki Bella comes walking out to ringside to cheer Bryan on. Ted and Bryan lock up to start the match. They go back and forth until Bryan takes Ted to the mat with an armbar. Bella and Maryse come in and go at it. Bella gets a two count. Maryse takes Bella down by her hair. Maryse misses a clothesline and Bella rolls her up. Ted breaks the pin and Bryan comes in to knock him to the floor. As the referee is distracted, the other Bella rolls her sister out of the ring and switches with her. Maryse comes over and Nikki rolls her up for the pin and the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and The Bella Twins

- After the match, Ted and Maryse have words in the ring. Ted is arguing with her and Maryse responds with a hand to his face, telling him to hush it. Bryan celebrates on the stage with both Bella Twins. The WWE tag team titles are on the line later in a fatal four-way. Up next we will see an exclusive interview with Wade Barrett. Back to commercial.

- We get a promo video with R-Truth talking about John Cena and Nexus from last week's RAW and Michael McGillicutty answering his open challenge, then McGillicutty getting attacked in the back by Cena. More highlights from Cena appearing in the crowd and interfering in Nexus' tag team match. More highlights from last week with Cena and Nexus.

- We go live via satellite to David Otunga. Otunga says Nexus does have a plan for John Cena. Otunga says all they have to do is stand united. Otunga says when Cena walks into the arena tonight, it will be the last time anyone sees him. Someone knocks on the door and it's Otunga's room service. He takes a bite out of his hamburger and says it's cold, kicking the hotel employee out. Another knock on the door. This time it's John Cena. Cena attacks Otunga and Husky Harris, who was also in the hotel room. Cena leaves and we go to commercial.

Tyson Kidd vs. David Hart Smith

Back from the break and Smith is waiting in the ring. Out comes Tyson Kidd and he has a bodyguard. I believe it's Andrew Jackson from WWE developmental. The bell rings and they go at it. Kidd takes it to the corner and works Smith over with kicks. Kidd continues with the offense in the match. Smith tries to make a comeback. Kidd climbs to the top but Smith stops him and goes for a superplex. Smith hits a complex suplex from the top rope and looks to almost have botched it. Kidd gets the win after a roll-up with the tights.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

- After the match, Kidd's new bodyguard attacks Smith and brings him back in the ring. He lays out Smith with a big clothesline. Kidd and the bodyguard pose standing over Smith as his music plays.

- We go backstage with Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater. They're talking about John Cena's actions. David Otunga comes running in out of breath. Everyone is paranoid about Cena but Barrett seems cool. Gabriel and Slater walk off for their title match. Barrett tells Otunga he is going to call out Cena later and that Otunga needs to watch and learn something about taking care of business. Otunga says Barrett better, because if he doesn't, he might have mutiny on his hands. Barrett walks off and Otunga shakes his head. Back to commercial.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Usos vs. Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

We go to the ring for tonight's tag team title match and out first is the team of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov. Out next is the team of Jimmy and Jey Uso followed by the team of Yoshi Tatsu and Mark Henry. Finally out is the WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. Yoshi and Gabriel start things out. They lock up and go back and forth. Tatsu with chops and a spin kick for a 2 count.

Slater comes in but Tatsu tosses him around. Henry is tagged in and nobody wants to face him. It comes down to one of the Usos and they discuss it at ringside. Henry brings Jey in the ring by his hair and goes to work on him. The Usos eventually double team Henry as Yoshi is tagged in. Slater tags himself in and goes to work on Tatsu. Slater pins Tatsu and he and Henry are eliminated.

Slater goes at it with one of the Usos now. 2 count on Slater by Jey. Jimmy tags himself in and they double team Slater for a 2 count. Kozlov eventually tags himself in and comes cleaning house. Kozlov slams one of the Usos and eliminates their team.

The Usos leave but Tamina doesn't want to leave with them. She stays at ringside with Santino. Gabriel goes to work on Kozlov in the ring now. Gabriel with a 2 count. Slater comes in and stomps on Kozlov in the corner. Gabriel chokes Kozlov as the referee is distracted. Santino comes in and unloads on Slater. Slater stomps him and starts stomping before Gabriel is tagged back in. Gabriel with a kick to the face and a 2 count on Santino. Chants for Santino from the crowd. Santino makes a comeback but Gabriel kicks him to the mat for another 2 count. Slater is tagged back in and continues the assault on Santino in the corner. More double teaming by Nexus as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Gabriel is in control of Kozlov. Kozlov counters a move and tags in Santino. Santino unloads on Gabriel and hits a big hip toss and a headbutt. Santino with comedy moves and a 2 count. Kozlov comes in to knock Slater out of the ring. John Cena appears on the apron as the ref is distracted. Cena distracts Gabrirel. Gabriel turns around to the Cobra from Santino for the pin and the win.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

- After the match, Santino and Kozlov celebrate with Tamina in the ring. Tamina kisses Santino and dances around with them.

- Still to come tonight - Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley, Sheamus' King of the Ring Coronation Ceremony and more. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes King Sheamus for his Coronation Ceremony. We see highlights from last week's tournament final. Sheamus takes a seat in the ring on his throne and has his own version of a crown. Sheamus talks about what he has done since being in WWE and mentions Triple H, saying he dethroned him. Sheamus says he will be the greatest high king in history. John Morrison's music hits and out he comes.

Sheamus says Morrison is jealous because he has achieved more in two years than Morrison has in his entire career. Sheamus says Morrison is jealous because he's the better man. Morrison says Sheamus has achieved more, he's right. Morrison says their score is 1-1. Morrison says he's the better man. Sheamus calls him a funny man and laughs. Sheamus wants Morrison to refer to him as his highness or the high king of the WWE. Sheamus tells Morrison to get down and bow to the king. Morrison says he isn't going to do that. Morrison guarantees he will never bow down to King Sheamus. Sheamus smacks Morrison and tells him to get on his knees. Morrison unloads on Sheamus with right hands, sending him falling out of the ring. Sheamus comes in but Morrison hits him with the scepter. Morrison throws Sheamus into the throne, causing him to fall back out of the ring.

- Up next, Wade Barrett will call out John Cena once again. We go to commercial.

Natalya vs. Melina

Back from the break and we're joined by Layla and Michelle McCool on commentary, who were invited by Michael Cole they say. Out comes the WWE Divas Champion Natalya followed by her opponent, Natalya. They shake hands before the bell and here we go. They go at it and Natalya hits a suplex and holds it in the air. Natalya with a 2 count. Melina tries a roll-up but ends up slamming Natalya on her knees. Melina with a 2 count now. Melina with another 2 count, followed by a submission.

More back and forth action. Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter but Melina doesn't want to tap. Melina finally taps out to give Natalya the win.

Winner: Natalya

- After the match, LayCool rushes the ring and attacks Natalya. They lay her out, talk some trash and that's it. We get more hype for Orton vs. Riley as we go to commercial.

- Backstage with Alex Riley and The Miz. Miz says the media is obsessed with him and everyone is treating him winning the WWE Title as the turning point in the company. Miz tells Riley he has to beat Randy Orton tonight. Riley says Orton will make it out of Louisville on his hands and knees. Miz says then, he's not going to tell Orton about their TLC match. He's going to show him.

Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley

We go to the ring and out comes Randy Orton to a big pop. Back from the break and out comes Alex Riley and WWE Champion The Miz. The bell rings and Riley tests Orton. Miz distracts Orton and Riley takes out Orton's knee and goes to work on it.

Lots of back and forth action, with Riley actually one up. Orton eventually hits an atomic drop and a clothesline. Riley misses a clothesline and Orton hits a big powerslam. Orton brings Riley in the ring with the second rope assisted DDT. Orton looks at Miz then hits the mat and stalks Riley. The Miz enters the ring from behind and lays Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale, causing a DQ.

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

- After the match, The Miz grabs a mic and tells Orton he's going to show him what kind of match they will have at the pay-per-view. Miz goes outside and brings a table back into the ring. Orton fights Miz off and tries to slam him through it. Miz slides out of Orton's grasp and flees from the ring. Orton stares down at Miz on the floor and notices that Alex Riley is still in the ring. Orton powerbombs Riley through the table as Miz looks on.

- Wade Barrett is shown backstage walking to the ring as we go to commercial. He says something to David Otunga but I couldn't make it out. Back to break.

- Back from commercial and out comes Wade Barrett. He starts talking about John Cena. Barrett says Cena can keep attacking Nexus but it won't do him any good. The only person that can get Cena re-hired is Barrett, he says. Barrett calls Cena out and says he has something to get off his chest. The crowd starts chanting for Cena.

John Cena appears and comes to the ring. The crowd chants for Cena but Barrett says it won't do any good. Barrett says this is not going to work, he will never re-hire Cena. Cena says Barrett is just so stupid and mocks him. Cena says being fired actually isn't that bad. Cena says he isn't a WWE Superstar anymore but he's part of the WWE Universe. The rest of Nexus are on the stage and Cena starts dissing them. Cena say she could care less if Barrett never re-hires him. Cena asks if they're done because he's got to go party with the WWE Universe.

Barrett says Cena might can intimidate the rest of Nexus but he can't intimidate him. Cena says if he stays fired, all he has to do is buy a ticket every week and ruin Nexus' lives. Cena says he will stop attacking Nexus if he's re-hired but he won't stop attacking Barrett. Cena says he deserves payback and he will get it. Cena says if Barrett had respect, he would be a man and re-hire him right now so they could settle it. Cena says he won't stop making Barrett's life a nightmare as long as he's in WWE. Barrett calls Nexus down to the ring to take care of Cena. They just stand there and don't move.

Barrett tells them to come again and they won't move. Husky Harris turns around and walks off to the back. As does Slater, followed by Gabriel. Barrett orders them to the ring. Otunga is the last one standing. He finally turns around and walks to the back also. Barrett is pissed off. Cena attacks Barrett and beats him out to the floor. Cena continues the assault and drags the steel steps over to the announce table. Cena takes apart the announce table and hands Punk his diet soda. Cena grabs Barrett and climbs the steel steps. Cena is looking to hit an AA through the table but Barrett slides out of it. Barrett runs to the back as fast as he can. Cena hits the ring, his music plays and he poses for the crowd. Cena goes to ringside to slap hands with the fans. Cena re-enters the ring and celebrates some more. Cena heads up the ramp and we see Barrett backstage. He walks up on Nexus and yells at Otunga. Otunga says Barrett may not be giving orders anymore. Otunga tells Barrett to hire Cena back next week or he's out of Nexus. The other members stand behind Otunga and back him up. Otunga walks off as do the other Nexus members. RAW goes off the air with Barrett looking stunned.