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Posted by Steve Carrier

- Thanks to Tommy for these live WWE SmackDown spoilers from tonight's tapings in Virginia:

Dark Match:

  • Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase

SmackDown, Airing Friday:

  • SmackDown opens with tables, ladders and chairs in the ring. Rey Mysterio calls out Alberto Del Rio. Rey vs. Del Rio is announced for the TLC pay-per-view. Rey put Del Rio through a table and left.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre beat MVP and Kaval. Kane them came out and chokeslammed MVP and Tombstoned Kaval. Kane called out Edge. Edge appeared on the big screen with Paul Bearer on a loading dock. Kane chased off after them.
  • Kofi Kingston beat Jack Swagger.
  • We see on video an obviously fake Paul Bearer being crushed in the back then being pushed down a flight of stairs. Kane continues to follow Edge, who is still wheeling Bearer around.
  • Cody Rhodes beat Chris Masters.
  • Layla beat Rosa Mendes. Layla and Michelle McCool attack Rosa after the match but Hornswoggle comes down. Beth Phoenix then comes out and makes the save. Then Swagger's eagle comes down and hits Hornswoggle. Beth ends it by hitting her finisher on the eagle.
  • Edge beat Kane in the main event. The stipulation for their match at TLC will be Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Edge brought out a fake Paul Bearer and took the real Bearer away strapped down on a flatbed truck.